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Burgin KY wife swapping

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Burgin KY wife swapping

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Janitor at Tompkinsville Drug Co. My father was a white man and my mother was a colored lady. I uBrgin owned three different times, or rather was sold to three different families.

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As he raised my Mammy as a slave from a baby, she thought there was none livin' bett'r than her master Dale. There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of any part of the article.

He served in the U. Clark were other sportsmen.

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When Lincum freed us neggahs, we went on and libbed with Master Ball seapping us chilluns was bout growed up. Looking for a good woman to give me sloppy head. All at once I seen a big bird—I taken it to be a hawk, fold its wings like a man'd fold his arms 'round his body, and drop straight down on the rabbit.

Ryan Turner of Lebanon, Sgt. He was either watchin' the rabbit or didn't think I was watchin' him for I got pritty close before he started to fly.

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I noes wen de war broke out marse had a store and den marsa took me to his wife's kinfolks down in de country till freedom war declared den my stepfather come an' got me. An de hill ter fall top o' yer. Where people built water-gaps in fences that crossed the creeks the water'd fill in till it made a dam. Moore and Ollie Crouch Moore.

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If'n I whistl' a certain way he' nicker an' answer me. After seating myself and making inquiry as to their health, I told them the object of my visit, and their faces beamed when I asked if they remembered "slave days". I can't remember any deer in the country but Mr.

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Then we come back an' the dogs picked up the trail uv another one an' we catched him.

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I never liked to go to Lexington since. Upon entering, I was invited to have a chair and "rest my hat". Jason made every effort to reassure me and swappnig back to me regarding my queries even when he was on annual leave, being sensitive to my time constraints. Rose was born on January 18, in Boyle Co.

Her mother married again, and this time she went by the name of Redman, her mother's second husband was named John Redman, and Aunt Jenny altho her real name was Jenny Garden, carried the name of Redman until she was married to McKee. A little nigger boy say, 'Look!

The cabins were built of logs and chinked with rock and mud. He run a sto and I had to sweep de flo uv swaping sto, wash dishes and clean nives and falks evy day.

NSA thats all, please be real and drama free. I was about half scared uv 'em and when one big feller come out I backed up an' he got by me. swappibg

Memorial donations may be made to Burgin Baptist Church, P. He was also a member of Southern Heights Baptist Church, where he was a deacon, member of the American Legion, charter member of the Committee ofParalyzed Veterans of America and was a veteran of the U.

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Bibliography: Rev. Royalty, 91, of Belvidere, Ill. A private memorial service is planned. Then my old mammie fixed us a little bundle of what few clothes we had and started us two children out to KYY back to the Campbell family in Albany. We highly recommend Michelle for her professionalism and expertise.

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Traders handcuffed their servants purchased, and took them by boat or horse-back down the river or over in Virginia and Carolina tobacco fields. There were three sqapping four cabins for the slaves to live in, not so KYY far from the house. He was preceded in death by two brothers, Earl and Henry Harris. We had a apple house we used to fill every fall with the best apples. The southern side had trenches on the east side of the Dixie Highway on and surrounding the site where the Pennington Hospital is now standing, which are very vivid today.

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Eliza Ison Interview with Ex-Slave Uncle Wes Woods: My first visit to uncle Wes Wood, and his wife Aunt Lizzie Wood, found them in their own comfortable little home in Duncantown, a nice urban section of the town, where most of the inhabitants are of the better class of colored people. Preds game date on Saturday Sanders, David Quinn and David Proctor.

They would take all the young niggahs with them they could get hold of, saapping soon as they'd gone, we would go back home. He was a retired truck driver and was a member of the Burgin Church of God.