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Central African Republic sex slave

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Central African Republic sex slave

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They broke down her front door. The rebel fighters yanked Hulda out of a cupboard where she was hiding with her two boys, aged three and five. Rape is used systematically as a weapon of war and sexual violence is widespread in the Central African nation, according to the United Nations and rights groups.

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Her husband, who was tortured for weeks, later abandoned her and her seven children.

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At the same time, over attacks on aid workers during the first six months of made it one of the most dangerous countries for humanitarian actors to operate and hindered provision of critical assistance. UPC fighters and local Muslims killed at least civilians over two days when they attacked the Paris-Congo and Banguiville neighborhoods in Alindao in May after people reported the presence of anti-balaka fighters in the area.

Government officials directly implemented family reunification and tracing programming, and supported international organization-led demobilization, disarmament, and reintegration efforts. The documented cases of sexual violence by fighters seex this report constitute torture, and in many cases the torture was not limited to the sexual violence itself, but was accompanied by other forms of abuse also amounting to torture.

Some of those accused have not only evaded justice but remain in positions of power.

Care denied

Since then, she has counselled hundreds of women - Christian, animist and Muslim - from across the city, and organised training to build up their confidence and abilities. Injust after she retired, she was incensed to find gang rapes happening practically on her doorstep. Trucks crammed with masked men touting firearms and machetes pulled up on Hulda's street.

At times, rape formed an integral part of armed assaults and was used as a weapon of war.

Throughout andthe Seleka and anti-balaka engaged in reprisal attacks, with both sides at times targeting civilians along sectarian lines. But it's not only the trauma of sexual violence Eloise has to deal with - she has a nine-month-old baby to look after too. Many women and girls were whipped, tied up and burned, and gang-raped repeatedly while being held as sex slaves, HRW said.

Human Rights Watch interviewed women and girls who face incapacitating physical injury and illness. Perpetrators often directed attacks at women and girls due to their pd religious affiliation, with the predominantly Muslim Seleka fighters targeting women and girls from Christian communities, Repulic the anti-balaka targeting Muslim women and girls.

Lone warriors rescue sex slaves, rape survivors in

By mid, after having been ousted from Bangui by African Union and French forces, the Seleka split into several factions. Additionally, observers stated limited judicial sector resources continued to impede prosecution of cases. She says that when she was 12 a Ugandan soldier, deployed to protect her town, attacked her.

Several survivors said they saw their tormenters walking free after having committed rape. The recently-established Special Criminal Court—a novel, hybrid domestic and international court embedded within the national justice system—offers hope for greater justice for Reepublic war crimes and possible crimes against humanity that have plagued the Central African Republic since Traffickers—including transient merchants, herders, and armed groups—subject swx to domestic servitude, commercial sexual exploitation, as well as forced labor in agriculture, artisanal gold and diamond mines, shops, and street vending within CAR.

Human Rights Watch also heard credible reports of armed groups committing sexual violence against men and boys, but research conducted for this report focuses on violence against women and girls.

I said I was taken by anti-balaka, but not that I was raped. In only 66 cases had survivors received any psychosocial support. I said I am the daughter of a Christian.

Those who had informed authorities faced mistreatment including victim-blaming, failure to investigate, and even demands to present their attackers for arrest. This kind of support for victims goes against the secrecy and stigma surrounding rape in Central African Republic. Researchers also arranged referrals to medical, psychosocial, and legal services for survivors where possible and with their informed consent. As a result of stigma, under-reporting by survivors, and time constraints and security-related restrictions on research, the cases documented in this report likely represent a small proportion of all sexual violence incidents perpetrated by armed groups in the country during the period covered.

Amnesty said the victims were routinely raped "as a means of control and coercion" and kept in terrible conditions as slaves by their "owners"; sometimes kept in darkened rooms unable to go out.

The Seleka held her at a base for six months. They broke down her front door. Of these, only 83 survivors confirmed that they slabe disclosed the sexual violence to health care providers, thus allowing for comprehensive post-rape health care. A recent U. Sexual Violence in the Central African Republic Since latethe Central African Republic has been wracked by bloody armed conflict in which civilians have paid the price.

Monique Nali, former head of gender promotion at the social affairs ministry, spent her career helping women and girls to overcome abuse, learn to read and write, and gain job skills. They were also forced to watch armed men rape their daughters, mothers, or other women and girls, or kill and mutilate their husbands and other relatives.

'i was 12 when i was raped by a ugandan soldier'

Most had not received post-rape medical or mental health care — including medication to prevent HIV and unwanted pregnancy — due to a lack of medical facilities, the cost of services or transport to facilities, and misconceptions about available services. In some cases, they may constitute crimes against slav. If we refused, they hit us…. The government did not report implementing its National Recovery and Peacebuilding Plan, which aimed to re-establish peace and security through the disarmament and reintegration of child soldiers.

One grabbed my throat and threw me on the ground. Hulda said sharing stories helped to heal her pain.

When she heard about the suffering of her neighbour Hulda, she asked the distraught pastor if he knew of other cases. In the morning four men, in the afternoon and evening, the commander plus four men…. I heard slavve fire and then it was silent. He returned with a list of 67 names - all from his church alone.

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Other obstacles to investigation and prosecution include difficulty identifying perpetrators and inconsistent provision of medical reports attesting to s of rape. But to date not a single member of any armed group is known to have been arrested or tried for committing sexual violence. Anti-balaka forces also committed serious abuses, including mass killings, against Muslims fleeing the southwest. Where services are available, they often do not offer comprehensive, confidential post-rape care or appropriate referrals for medical treatment or psychosocial support.

Lone warriors rescue sex slaves, rape survivors in central african republic

As in the reporting period, officials did not report prosecuting any suspected traffickers inand authorities have not convicted any traffickers since This report offers recommendations to mitigate risks for women and girls, and to ensure that survivors of sexual violence access essential medical care, psychosocial support, and justice. In Bangui and beyond, however, activists are trying to assist survivors and fight for justice against the odds.

Even with its limited capacity, the government can and should take measures to strengthen protections for women and girls, and improve access to services and justice for sexual violence survivors. Survivors told Human Afridan Watch they witnessed fighters rape their daughters, mothers, or other female family members or kill and mutilate their husbands and other relatives.

Prioritized recommendations

Monique Nali, former head of gender promotion at the social affairs ministry, spent her career helping women and girls to overcome abuse, learn to read and write, and gain job skills. Rape is used systematically as a weapon Reublic war and sexual violence is widespread in the Central African nation, according to the United Nations and rights groups. The CAR has faced bouts of instability.

Measures to reduce stigma are also critical to help survivors get life-saving care and to rebuild their lives.