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Does any girl want a boyfriend who enjoys giving oral pleasure

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April 25, Who said men aren't generous in bed?! Turns out, guys love it! And most of their responses were enjosy Turns out not only do they love receiving oral sex So listen up, ladies. These guys are enjoying giving it as much as we enjoy recieving!

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Updated: Oct.

That said, not all men are willing to perform oral sex — which means some millennial women who haven't ly had partners who want to go down might view it as an adventurous new act. I'm happy that he enjoys intercourse, but without head on the table, it definitely can make sex seem stale.

The hairs tend to get caught up in the action, which makes it sore for both people on the tongue and the vulvaquite hard to breathe, and leaves a bit of a mouthful of pubic hair at the end. Shannon Chavezclinical psychologist, certified sex therapist I have heard a concern that giving a partner oral sex will lead to cheating with a woman, or that too much oral sex will lead to out of control sexual desire by a partner.

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Or at least I've never had a complaint! It's nothing personal, it's just what they like.

Man A: I can't really isolate a particular experience as best or worst — there have been so many times, and almost all involve a great deal of similarity: darkness, a bed, a vagina, my face. It's like, right in this moment, I have you completely.

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She was shivering because of the cold, and I was beginning to realize that I would not be able to perform. Second, women need to igving warmed up properly and going down on them can really do the job to get them worked up physically, and even mentally relating back to my first point about doing things for her rather than myself.

What do you like best about giving oral? I think I would need to sleep with her a couple times before performing oral sex on her.

11 men sound off on why it's empowering to give oral sex

This is probably pure fantasy, but I feel like I would enjoy going down on a person with a vagina much more. The rear yard of the club was covered with gravel and after some pretty inept fumbling, she lay back and I started to go down gitl her. They are more relaxed, which is always good if you want to try other things. Remember how awesome it felt to get a gold star on that fourth-grade math test?

That she loves it! When you have made a girl grab your hair, screaming as she comes, now and then, I do have a cheeky little smirk to myself as I think "Yes The majority of my clients understand that oral sex is an integral part of their sexual experience, whether as foreplay, dispersed throughout the sexual experience, or to end with orgasm. Sometimes if I'm very excited and feel like I might come soon, I'll do a lot of clit sucking to get her all aroused, trying to keep us on the same pace.

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My face was soaked, and when I let go, she collapsed onto the bed [and] her legs were still shaking. Having sex and having girll sex are a bit different.

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on thisbut we only feature products we believe in. Man C: When I was younger and I went down on a girl, I usually expected something in return, whether it was full penetrative sex, or her to go down on me. So whether we get the favor returned immediately, another night, or never, we know that pleasing you is putting out good sex vibes.

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I don't think any guy has ever turned down a blow job. By the time I went down on her, we were both so turned on that it was some of the best oral I have ever experienced. I mean, there's only so many ways [you can have pleasre. Plus, she'll probably be more inclined to reciprocate, if pleeasure into that sort of thing. We talked to 11 sex therapists about gender imbalances in oral sex, what they hear about it from the people they see particularly among heterosexual couplesand the advice they give when they see it causing an issue in relationships.

We asked men what they really think about the taste and smell of your vagina

The blow job is ubiquitous, sprawled all over pop culture and porn. Man A: Hmm, I'd say listen with your lleasure and your ears.

Honestly it doesn't matter to me. We were having sex and it started to get a little rougher. She was soaked with sweat and unfortunately did not taste the nicest anyway.

Man B: I like when women tell me what's working and help me bring them to orgasm. It usually means I'm very, very, very into them. Women shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask. Man C: I was 19, had met a girl at a heavy metal club, and we snuck out the back together.

They may also expect or demand a woman to swallow their semen. Here are 16 women getting real about their thoughts on performing oral sex — and why they feel the way they enjosy. And I start kissing her neck.

9 reasons guys love giving you oral

It's just another tool in the toolbox, but some chicks are gross. Tackling this new adventure can make many women more open to trying other new things during a sexual encounter. Laurel Steinbergclinical sexologist, relationship therapist Most of the women and men in couples that I treat view oral sex both ways to be an enjoyable part of a healthy sexual relationship. Man C: I genuinely cannot think of a thing.

There is no such thing. Holly, 29 "For years, I [avoided] it with my first boyfriend, because there was just a funky smell coming from that part of his body.