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Feedee seeks feeder

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Feedee seeks feeder

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This describes most people, but not all who identify as being part of the feederism community.

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This could be seen as a form of role-play to the gaining and feeding aspect of the feederism umbrella, but a lot of people who are interested in stuffing or sweks doesn't like weight gain at all or are at least not interested in it themselves. In my inebriated glory I thought that maybe it could be cute, or affectionate.

Also known as feedeg "fat appreciator" or "chubby chaser," feeders experience erotic pleasure from the act of feeding their partner, or 'feedee' to the point of extreme fullness and discomfort. The internet has done monumental things for the fat appreciator or potential feedee. Vanilla is represented by the French vanilla colored stripe on the flag. A feederin the flesh.

Created by Kevin Seguin, also known as 'The Cosmopolitan', as a symbol of the fat fetishism community. Dave was an OkCupid third date, who had, up until that point, seemed too good to be true. Just fill out a feeede and start searching. The black stripes on the top and bottom not only frame the Neapolitan colors, but represent other fetishes that fat fetishists often incorporate, including those from BDSM and Leather, and many more.

Others like the swelling of the belly or the sounds of the digestive system during or afterward.

Check the classifies carefully to see how the owner wish to be contacted. People find a myriad of things erotic, like peeing in gag bound gimps' mouths and wearing mascot costumes, so really how far fetched is a food fetish, after all? Further, all members of this dating site MUST be 18 years or older. I hope to hear from people soon!

Webcam shows are often a popular medium through which feeders are able ferder satiate their desires without so much as lifting a finger. Be one of the first members Then I thought about that not so long ago time at the bar when he had squeezed my stomach in this long, drawn out, sensual way. Fetishes For Everyone Finding others into your fetish is hard.

The movement is also largely male driven, comprised of men looking to feed women, and these online spaces feever men to explore their taboo desires discretely.

A community for feeder enthusiasts

A bead of his sweat dropped dangerously close to my mouth once or twice but he was funny and his beard smelled like soap, so I didn't mind. Dave had nerdy hobbies like pinball and his taste in music and movies teetered on inspiring.

But how could I not take this personally? My partners literate requirements are non-existing, if you enjoy what I enjoy we can make it work! The bloating process could happen in many different ways, here are just a few: Eating food Making a chemical reaction inside the stomach for example using coke and sseks Swallowing Air Water Enema pumping in water through the anal Air Pump seek in air through the anal History and Culture Edit While gaining and feeding are often considered fetishes, many within the feederism communities report viewing them more as a lifestyle, identity, or sexual orientation.

Maybe I should have said yes; maybe he would have taken me to Oyster Bar and would have paid to watch me slurp back dozens of my favorite briny aphrodisiacs. InGainRWeb launched the first website dedicated to gay men into weight gain, ushering in the internet era. Lastly, I have a pretty good grasp of the English language, my posting size is around sentences. Maybe it's psychological, or maybe it's just a preference.

Gaining and Feeding Gaining, where sexual gratification is obtained from the process of gaining or helping others gain body fat. Fatness is an obvious taboo within our culture; actively deciding to gain weight, is, therefore, the ultimate act of ferdee and transgression. This role could be a dominant one where the feeder in some cases force-feed their feedee often this is role-playing.

I was a fuckable fat girl, beckoning Dave to feed me. The feeder could also be the submissive in the relationship where the feedee uses them as sort of a feeding slave. Have it available anytime and any place. Some people are more flexible with their fetish and can feel sexual attraction to all types of bodies but would prefer an over-weight partner, while others only feel attraction to fat people.

By there were gainer-specific newsletters and inthe first gainer event, called EncourageCon, was held in New Hope, PA.

The sweaty, drunken pieces of the evening suddenly came together in a horrifyingly clear mosaic. Stuffing and Bloating Edit Eating enormous amounts of food, drinking large quantities of liquid, or inflating with air to make feede stomach swell.

As long as both parties are into it and enter the sexual deedee with an awareness of the consequences, there is little that anyone can do to stop them. Local Community Get in touch with people from your local community into the same fetish as yourself.

I accidentally fell into the feeder fetish community

But I doubt the latter would have happened, seeing as he was more of a stay at home, Seamless kind of dude, who ordered more wraps than I cared to remember. But I wonder what would have happened next had I actually said yes. For some people, this gratification can be obtained through role-playing weight gain feedrr other people do it for real.

Soon after the incident, I stopped seeing Dave and put a series of emoji knives next to his name in my phone. If you are looking for partner trying to arrange a roleplay or conversation, feel free to post them here, one topic for each player only! You can chat while you are in bed, bus or waiting in line The role-plays I tend to play out focus heavily on feeding and filling my partners belly. Suddenly I was kicking myself for all of the instances that I had spoken excitedly about food, or had slightly obsessively seek on the incredible properties of bread yeast.

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Charges will accrue if you purchase a premium membership which is offered upon completion of your profile. We value your privacy. He wanted to know. Check the rules for more info!

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Chocolate is represented by the brown stripe. On the vore side of things, I enjoy being the person sliding meals down the predators seeis, instead of actually becoming one, although; it doesn't mean I won't become a meal if my partner is persuasive enough. When I said no, withdrawing from his sweaty embrace, Dave began apologizing profusely.