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Glossary of Australian rules football From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia glossary Australian rules football is known by several different Frreincluding footy and Aussie rules. This list is an alphabetical glossary of Australian rules football terms, jargon and slang. While some of these entries are shared with other sports, Australian rules football has developed a unique and rich terminology. Where words in a sentence are also defined elsewhere in this article, they appear in italics. Contents [ edit Free pronounced one-two an action where a player handpasses to a teammate, who immediately handpasses back.

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Set shot : an attempt to kick a goal from a mark or a free kick. While some of these entries are shared with other sports, Australian rules football has developed a unique and rich terminology. Well, if you're ready for a frantic pleasure and wild adventure, throw out your panties and get yourself more comfortable, because here at the hot granny tube weve got tons of wakning material - much more than you can imagine.

Sticks: see goal posts. ly "Not 10" before a change in law increased the minimum distance for a mark from 10 to 15 metres. Flick pass: the variant of a handball in which the ball is propelled with a flick of an open hand, rather than a clenched fist.

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Roost: a long kick. Spray: severe scolding of players by their coach. Usually opposed by the full-back. As a member of Naughty Granny Chat, your profile will automatically be shown on related senior chat sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge.

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Dribble goal: a goal kicked using the grubber technique. Rainmaker: a ball that is kicked very high grxnnys but not very far Raking: a kicking style that in long kicks.

Stepladder : colloquially, the player upon whose shoulders another player jumps to take a specky. Bounce-down : or simply bounce the act of a field umpire putting the ball back into play by bouncing the ball in such a way that it mimics a vertical throw. The Posa average this season is Ruck rover: a midfielder halfway between a ruck and a rover.

The "four points" refers to the of premiership points awarded for a win in an AFL game and in many other leagues. Protected zone: an imaginary corridor 10 metres to either side of a player who is taking a free kick, into which no players from either grrannys are permitted to be. Barrel: see torpedo.

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Nuggety: refers to a short and stocky player, or a player who makes the most of a limited skill set. Flag, the: common expression for the Premiership, based upon the practice of awarding a flag for winning the premiership analogous to the pennant in American sports. See bounce-down. Chicken wing tackle : a tackle that locks in an opponent's arm so that he cannot legally dispose of the ball. This can be conceding a free kick, or kicking or handpassing the ball directly to an opponent or dropping an uncontested mark.

Cluster: a type of zone defense consisting of a grid-like arrangement grannts fifteen or more players, particularly used to oppose a kick-in. The "bench" refers to the seat used by the players in this area. This can be to stop him tackling a teammate in possession of the ball, or attempting to gather it; to stop him intercepting a ball heading for goal; or just to stop him possessing the ball himself.

Fred edit ] Ladder: the position of teams on the Premiership list, determined by their win-loss ratio and percentage. Mark : a clean catch of the ball after it has been kicked by another player either by a teammate or by the oppositionbefore it has touched the ground, or been touched by any other player, and after ppss has travelled a minimum of 15 metres. One percenter granns a defensive act such as a block, bump, shepherd, ppss or chase; Fere very rarely show up in any typical statistical analysis of a game, but are generally highly valued by coaches, supporters and spectators alike.

Seen only in practice and exhibition games. Pass: a kick that ends with the ball in the possession of a teammate.

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If a defending player does this, and they are not immediately following their direct opponent, a fifty-metre penalty will be awarded. This site is billed by chatcs. As a result, interstate the technique was given the pejorative name crow throw derived from croweater, a common name for South Australians. Season: a year of a competition. Frde

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Further, all members of this dating site MUST be 18 years or older. Running bounce : or simply bounce the act of a player bouncing the football on the ground and back to himself while running, which must be done once every fifteen metres. Screamer: see spectacular mark.

Full-forward : the area of the ground directly in front of a team's goals. Usually considered the most accurate of kicks, and is by far the most commonly used kicking style in Australian rules football. Fifty: short for "fifty-metre penalty". Defensive player giving chase to an attacking player with the ball Chase: the act of a defensive player running after an attacking player in possession of the ball.

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Spillage: occurs when a ball comes off the top of a pack of players attempting to mark a ball. This will result in a free kick to the opposition team, taken by the player closest to the point at which the ball crossed the boundary line. It is considered the most effective style of handball in terms of distance and accuracy, although it can take longer to execute than other styles. Red time: the final few minutes of playing time in any quarter. There are typically two of these umpires per game, one on each side of the oval, but there will be four in top grade games.

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See thin side. Checkside : a kick which causes the ball to swing in the air in the opposite direction to the usual.

Final siren: the siren that sounds to al the end of the game. He converted