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Hood of your car or wherever you want

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Hood of your car or wherever you want

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There are small and cost-effective ways to keep old and new cars running in top shape through the summer months. Check out our summer car tips below.

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Keeping your battery in good working order will prevent you from ending up on the side whedever the road or stuck on the side of the road. Ask Your Question Below. In the winter, if the weather is too cold to scrape the corners, the sticker can be properly heated by a hair dryer, and the back adhesive can be easily removed after being softened.

Grinding could mean that your brakes are in need of replacement. Here are some als wherevr you will need to follow-up on with a service visit if they happen: Frequent colorful wet spots under your vehicle means that there is a leak.

Your next thought may be to erupt into a full-fledged panic because you are sure this is an eminent that your vehicle is just about to break down. Ylur Transmission Rebuilding Blog. Yoj of the aforementioned sounds means that it is time to get your vehicle serviced so the noise can be diagnosed and fixed before the problem gets worse. Lastly, you may have an intuitive connection with your vehicle that allows you to feel if it is performing well or not.

8 ways to keep your car cool this summer

Adopt cautious winter driving habits. Explore 0 Description Vinyl Material - This stripe sticker is made of premium PVC material, this premium vinyl sticker will not crack, fade and peel.

You can make life easy and buy engine coolant premixed with water in a 1-to-1 ratio. Increased Exhaust Smoke A major of engine trouble is excessive exhaust smoke coming out of the tailpipe. You still have the squeak because the noise was a loose vent in the basement ykur just needed to be re secured.

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Screeching is usually caused by a problem with the brakes or worn out break p. If you do not have access to premixed coolant, you will need to mix the full-strength coolant and distilled water at a 1-to-1 ratio before pouring it in the reservoir. Park in the Shade This seems like wnat easy decision, but it can go a long way to keeping your vehicle cool and in good shape.

Supplemental restraint system SRS The airbags or seatbelt pre-tensioners are malfunctioning. Wherever you may find yourself, this is not music to your ears. The frequency varies, but many manufacturers say to do this every four years or 40, miles—check your manual for vehicle-specific estimates. csr


Dark green, blue or red leaks could relate to a leak in a hydraulic clutch. It is good to be proactive about these early warning als and address them as soon as possible rather than hoping that the sound does not return. And you may smell something that gives off an unpleasant odor. With just the basic supplies, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and keep cool while doing so. Add fluid if necessary, and get a tow if you need to.

Saved vehicles

Harsh driving habits or high mileage can both cause trouble, among yoj things. Clean the car first, and then tear off the white bottom paper.

This happens frequently to people who are driving luxury vehicles and are trying to save a few pennies by using a lower octane gas. A professional will have to inspect the car to find the cause of the problem.

Stop the wabt immediately and shut off the engine. Other fluids of various colors can relate to leaks in a gasket, seal, transmission, or washers. The engine under the hood of your car is generally considered its heart, and rightfully so.

Under the bonnet basics for new drivers

If the light is flashing, your vehicle has a problem that may damage the catalytic converter. Recording the Good and the Bad While you may feel apprehensive about tracking any vehicle breakdowns and repairs, it is a good way to gauge performance and identify other deeper issues about the vehicle that should be addressed. Otherwise, get a tow to oor nearest garage to avoid damaging your engine, since there may be wheeever major leak.

Constant heat and pounding from the sunlight can cause the plastics in your interior to become brittle and break or rattle, so look for trees, fences, or even other larger cars to provide shade for you. The problem with this is that much like going to WebMd when you have a belly ache, blindly checking the internet to find a solution to your issue can lead you in the complete wrong direction and leave you with more anxiety than you had when the issue first began.

Keep your interior in good shape and prevent you from dealing with uncomfortable conditions with these quick tips. You may see strange stains under the car. Stop your vehicle in a safe place, and have it towed to your dealer or a garage. If you find any problems, please leave us a message and we will answer your questions.

A professional should inspect the car to find the cause of the problem.

Boys under the hood podcast

Stop your vehicle in a safe place as soon as you can. If the light stays on, without flashing, the problem needs to be corrected, but you have time to go and see your garage operator. Our highly trained team of auto repair technicians will identify the issue under the hood and have whereverr fixed in no time.

However, should you put off repairs there is is a good chance that small issue will grow much worse and more expensive to fix. A golden color may indicate brake fluid leaks and a dark or brown stain relates to an wat leak. It is best not to expose it to exposure within 24 hours. Avoid emergency braking as much as possible, and check with your dealer or garage operator immediately.

Not all dashboards have the same warning lights.