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Im not superwoman but i try

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Im not superwoman but i try

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Iseminger As a little girl I remember watching the TV screen with child-like awe. Wonder Woman was my hero. She was powerful, she wore golden, bullet-deflecting bracelets, she never failed to defeat the enemy, and could change clothes in an instant. As I raced around my technicolor living room, I was Wonder Woman.

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Turns out, i’m not superwoman

I have seldom heard the audible voice of our Lord. I have goals. I cannot take care of them unless I take care of myself. As a trusted home economist she also shares through speaking engagements, podcasts and informative videos. Crazy timing, right? I supetwoman have a clean house, and meals will never be prepackaged.

I need to stop and take care of myself. All I can muster is a good enough.

The dog needs a bath. Several months ago, the reality of the Super Woman attitude glared at me from the mirror.

And i feel like i’m failing at everything.

First, I needed to keep what pays the bills client work. Her belief in earning more, to give more, is an inspiration as she shares her faith, through acceptance and love, in abundance!

So why, more often than not, do I feel like a failure? I did not learn from the moment.

After my third child was born two years ago, I experienced a dark and frightening months-long journey with postpartum depression. But I quickly got over the guilt when I realized how this freed me up to be able to breathe and love on my husband and children instead of living in a continual state of exhaustion. I did feel a small bit of guilt for sleeping all day and not doing much of anything; however, I kept thinking back to that one time when I was in a coma for 2 days the ICU with tubes down my throat and machine doing the breathing for me.

But there really is no choice.

I’m not super woman

Eat breakfast while listening for sounds indicating that the kids are awake. My floors need to be mopped. How many nights can he bht from his volunteer efforts without missing out on events? My boss asked me to have something done by the end of that day and it was just the one thing too many.

Momming is hard. momming while ceo-ing? fuggedaboutit.

Somers Fantastic share, Becky. How many nights is it fair to ask my teen to babysit his brother? We need to share our accomplishments and build each other up, yes, but even more importantly, we need to get on stage to share our failures.

And I want me. I am learning I am not Super Woman, and my family is better because of it. So neither gets my full focus and neither is growing the way it should or could. Advertisements We live in a day and age where the Super Bbut mentality invades the female mind.

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The three of us figured out how to divide up my task list and get everything done and in the process went from being co-workers to good friends. Just as the curriculum-writing job ended, and some oxygen entered in my lungs, I changed teaching positions and schools to better meet the needs of our son. The next several months were spent barely keeping my head above water. And when I rail against it all, they look at me with big wide eyes and wonder what they did to make me not want them.

She and her husband Jesse have three children and enjoy a simple life, filled with laughter! The Underoos proved it. How do I rid myself of the Super Woman image that is burned into my core?

I'm not superwoman but i'm a music teacher

The next step is more painful and more difficult. How do these words translate into my life? There are student journals to grade. We are not perfect.

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Second, I wanted to keep something that makes me happy my Facebook group. Not only does society judge women more harshly for our failures than it does men, but it also refuses to fucking pay us! I certainly was not the mother I needed to be. I was a full-time teacher and also a curriculum writer.