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Need gr8 head w

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Need gr8 head w

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Hexagonal bolt with thread up to the head

Which system will be safer? De: make a list of materials and work out thebudget 30 minutes Individual work Hints: Look at your head frame drawing. Everyone in the team should write this list in their workbooks. What must your system have to try to prevent things from going wrong? Make a 2D sketch of a head Neef and sheave wheel in the space on thenext. You will draw your solutions and begin to prepare your company's tender.

Figure 3: A mine's lifting system Investigate: mine shaft headgear and head frame 30 minutes Individual work Use the picture in Figure 3 and your own information to answer the questions below: 1. Think about the environment: 1 5. Alternatively you can contact your sales representative.

If the mine winch drum diameter is 6 m, calculate how far the cage will drop for each single rotation of the drum. How a must it travel? What is the opportunity you are tendering for? Use these pictures to help you answer the questions below: Figure 4: These are both mine winches g8r drum hoists. This list of names will need to appear on your tender document. Write down at least two things about the purpose of this mine-winch system.

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Use the following questions to help you: 1. The left "legs" of the head frame slope towards the hoist.

Each company will submit a tender for the de and construction of a "mine-lifting system", commonly called "mine shaft headgear". Don't show dimensions. Hint: imagine winding the winch by hand.

Mini-pat: a mine needs a lifting system

What will your total project cost be? The whole lifting system is called the headgear. The password must be at least 8 characters long and be composed of s and letters, with at least 4 different characters. What does a head frame fr8 The sheave wheels in the photograph are used for a cable car, but they are similar to the sheave wheels used on a mine's winch system.

What things must your system have to deal with emergencies when something does go wrong?

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You don't have to draw this to gd8. That means that a line that crosses 10 triangles is cm or 5 m long. During this week, you will form your own engineering company. A company is formed when two or more people come together for business reasons or goals. Choose your company partners by arranging yourselves into teams of 3 to 5 people.

For this mini-PAT, you should form teams.

How far? The pictures show two different types of mining hoists.

Sales to trade customers only Remember data After activating this functionality, your data customer and partner is saved as a so called Cookie on your local file system. An international and South African t venture company, called Platinum Stars, has decided to invest money in this project.

Click on "Register now". Your customer can not be used as password. with mobile phone To log in with your mobile phone please mobile phoneverified during the registration process. Register now in three simple steps to use all Nesd of the Online-Shop.

Hexagonal bolt with thread up to the head

Look at the photograph in Figures 1 and 2. Look at the sheave wheel. You can register online in a few simple steps. Write the de brief in the space below. Where do I find my partner ? What does the headgear of a mine do?

Alternatively you can contact your sales representative. Do you think I-beams are a good thing to use for head frame supports?

Think about safety: What will happen if something goes wrong? Write a mission statement: Write one short sentence saying what your company will do, how you will do it, who you will do it for, and why you think you will be able to do it well. Why do the legs on a head frame always slope towards the winch? These cables are attached to a lift that transports miners, machines and ore rg8 and out of the mine.

If the mine winch drum diameter is 6 m, calculate how far the counterweight gt8 lift for each single rotation of the drum. What has been used to stop the head frame from being pulled over by the winch?

Study the structure of the head frame and then answer the questions below. Explain what a sheave wheel is and what it does. Use your specifications and constraints and discuss which combination of ideas will work best. What are the differences between the two mine winches shown here?