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Submissive female lover wanted

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Submissive female lover wanted

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Learn how to be vemale high value woman and add wantfd value to your man Being submissive in a relationship is just another part of you that you might want to bring out sometimes Being submissive — whether in a joking or serious way can awaken the most masculine yet tender character in a man. Being submissive just allows for a man to feel more like a man around you, and — as a result, have that extra bit of passion for you.

Age: 38
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Wants Sex
City: Newfields, Brainard
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Sex Friends Wanting Sucking Cocks

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The alpha submissive female.

The truth is, a lot of Doms do not know how to handle an Alpha Sub, we scare them, we make them think we are too much work. If you suspect she enjoys anal play more than she can admit, hold the bottom plug against her opening but don't insert it until she "begs" you to have it slipped inside her. When she can become your slavegirl, she gets a relaxing respite from the stresses of her life.

She will depend on him, she will open up to him and she will do anything that he wishes of her. For many women, this is an exquisite sensation. Innocence can also erode with a very high of sexual partners as well as with fema,e of toxic relationships you have been in.

As a pet, she is not allowed to stand or to use the furniture. What closer bond can you have? Please, if you love her, make her life as your slave as complete and as real as you can.

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From time to time, place a tasty morsel on your fork and have her lean forward to take it from your hand. Hence the rewards of the Dom are so much sweeter because of the fact that he has chosen an Alpha Sub, who by all s is not a woman who is easily satisfied.

The Doms just don't realise that when they wanfed the time and effort in, they will potentially have a strong sub, capable of just about anything, and she will and want to be his, probably for life. In this Submissivf, the mere idea of being choked causes you to panic. The thought and anticipation of being punished for not doing something is often extremely exciting and this enables the sub to tap into her sexual energy to complete her chores.

There are many ways to make her feel that she belongs to you and I will share with you some of my favorites. The truth is, in general, locer are built naturally physically stronger than women. The more I looked, the more I realised how diverse this life was and how this life style is so important, if not more important than a "Vanilla" relationship.

It also increases the anticipation of finally being given permission which can hold her on the edge of a climax for an extended period which lver build its intensity. Many women ask how not to be boring in their relationship.

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If it was a task or command of your own that she disobeyed, then your punishment leaves no doubt in her mind that she must obey you and that allows her to feel pover in her submission to you. She could be your gateway to greater openness and feminine energy.

You may want to try holding her right at the edge of a climax and then order her to come for you in a commanding tone of voice. She wants to please you, she wants to submit to you.

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The more of her own independent action Submissife restricted, the more her submission will increase. You may find this has a remarkable effect. She can renew herself by once again becoming a little girl who is loved and looked after. The transition to that other side of your personality can be very exciting and sometimes difficult, but that's part of the thrill. Of course, I don't need to tell you what should happen if she does squirm and let's the crop fall, do I?

How to be submissive in a relationship

Another very romantic and even more embarrassing experience for her would be to order nothing for her and then feed her from your own plate. Deep down, all women have vulnerabilities and deep fears and feelings of uncertainty, especially in the face of violence. What you want to avoid, is fighting to be top dog in the relationship. A collar is a very powerful symbol of ownership, love and commitment and should be treated with great respect.

If she "overlooks" a rule it is often a test to see if you care enough to catch it, and for you it is an opportunity to show her that she will not be allowed to get away with anything. Some Cautions over Punishment Spankings Since a punishment spanking is going to be harder for her to endure than one given for pleasure, you want to wamted sure she is in the right mental head space for taking one.

Difficulty in Asking You must take the initiative with her. She expects respect, she expects things to be done a certain remale.

I spoke to women who are happy being sexually submissive and asked them what they get out of it. The Desire to be Perfect There is a tendency in feemale submissive women to be "perfect".

Be generous with your responsiveness to his suggestions, solutions and thoughts. I am an Alpha Sub, and I am extremely proud of that.

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And we communicate a lot during sessions, which improves our relationship as well as our sex life. I took me a while to get my head round it all and it involved much talking. Ask her often, "Who do you belong to? She is "allowed" pleasure only upon your command which will emphasize your control over her. If they are not, then the scene can take some unexpected turns and not in a good way.

These are men who are taking care of and protecting people. If she breaks a rule and you let it slide without bringing it to her attention, you are not allowing her to feel safe within your care.

Sex is the only situation in which I would be at all overly compliant.