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Tantra massage

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Tantra massage

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An eternal moment of intoxicating bliss, warmth, heightened sensitivity and total sensory surrender.

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For the receiver especially, it is important to remember maassage breathe during the massage. Here we provide a few details of how we ensure full satisfaction to the clients with full body Hong Kong tantra massage by our cute expert masseuses. Tantric massage is focused almost entirely on your lingam penis.

Some people describe this as whole body orgasm, very similar to the orgasm we women experience. I have not received a tantric massage other than from massags teacher, so I have no idea what the tantric massage you experienced was like. Deep tissue is done on a massage table.

Tantric massage is the most relaxing way to de-stress your muscles, get rid of nervous tension and fatigue. The spongy tissue under the pubic bone and behind the clitoris is the female Sacred Spot.

History of hong kong tantra massage and tantric massage

You didn't get it? My tantric massage is more focused by using my hands to deliver light touches on your bodies. Terms of Service For your optimal enjoyment of Chuan service, we would appreciate it that you read these Terms carefully. Most women do not like being touched by strangers.

I am considering showing them on the website as well. If you cannot decide which one to try, I always suggest clients to try the cheaper one first.

The most exquisite naturist tantra massage in the orient

Spread his legs apart with his knees bent slightly, so you can easily access his genitals. Hahaha, I fooled you?

Usually I will meet the tantga in their home or in a hotel room. You will be coached to breathe properly, as you sink into yet deeper level of relaxation. What we do In tantric massage the recipient and the masseuse have some clearly defined roles for reaping maximum therapeutic benefits and gratification of senses.

I tanntra so busy everyday I do not have time to update my website to include this service. I have to be very honest with you: I did not post ALL the comments, but not for the reason you think. Each Tantra massage is a sensual and voluptuous masterpiece in the art of touch, each and every treatment is unique. We will begin by having you recline on your back with pillows under your head and a towel covered pillow supporting masszge hips.

Some of you sent me jokes please keep them comingsome told me a bit about themselves, some sent me photos of themselves, some sent taantra feedbacks on my massage they have been posted on the 'Testimonial' and some asked me really useful questions about my practise. Our main services.

Terms of service

Hello Gigi Start your hands at the top of his penis and pull down to the base of his shaft. I like to see what you look like. The sensual Hong Kong tantra massage with the relaxing techniques and arousal of sensory organs waken the sexual energy in Kundalini center and thus relieves nervous tension, increases physical vigor and provides relaxation to the muscles.

Kundalini at the base of tqntra navel is the center of our sexual energy or the primary energy as per the tantric texts. I love you all.

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Almost all these criticisms concerns my refusal of letting people touch me. What is the difference between your deep tissue and tantric massage? Their msssage is to receive the massage and surrender to the rediscovery of senses feelings and emotions. I would rather you tell me how those experiences are like, and to help you re-creating them!

My conversation English is very bad. Deep tissue massage is more for the release of body tiredness. You can also gently squeeze her clitoris between your thumb and index fingers.

Tantra massage

Chuan specializes in visiting mobile massage, so you can invite one of our stunning masseuses to your hotel or residence. Both deep tissue and tantric massages involve penis stimulation and climax but if you want. We welcome you to savour our sleek, chic and legendary treat in Hong Kong — a seamless marriage of mind-blowing naturist tantra massage and stress-melting therapeutic bodywork — a lavish reward for those with high standards and expectations.