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Your pillow chat line

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Your pillow chat line

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We may earn commission from the links on this. How to Benefit from Pillow Talk It could help your relationship.

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They did not stay in any discernible shape and were just too hard and too high.

I was greatful since I did not have the receipt. Can't really tell anyone how really BAD it is.

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My pillow after 7 months Our son sent us two mypillows for Christmas I know every one is different. This pillow felt like shredded foam which is the cheapest way to make an extremely low quality pillow.

When bunched up it is actually ok, but after about 5 minutes it flattens out the box says guaranteed not to flatten out and that's where this pillow ruins pillw. Ordered two Goose down pillows instead. Not worth the money. I did not purchase this pillow a neighbor did and brought it over.

Pillow talk

I would suggest purchasing another similar, cheaper product to see if you even want to own a my pillow. It's amazing how the human mind can be manipulated.

I was wondering why I was waking up with these horrible headaches and recently found out why. Sound familiar? While not verbal, these little affections are all effective ways to connect and show that you care for one another before you go to sleep.

When I have had to return something to a company before, it was usually free or cheap shipping to do so, because they felt it was their responsibility because it was their chaf. I am petite and this pillow made my head press forward to far making it extremely uncomfortable. They support and sleep well but they have both come apart already loosing all their filling. I then washed the pillow again and same.

After a week or so we experienced nothing to support their claims.

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Some say it's good for sleep, but it don't work for me. Discount and shipping off set each other I love my pillow products but prefer to customize pillow orders vice stores. I did give it 1 star because I had to. The pillow worked ok, but I woke up very stuffy. I couldn't figure out what was causing this. Weagley, Wallace p.

Comes apart to easily I bought 2 my pillows about a month ago.

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Totally miserable experience. BTW I rarely review products but felt I could possibly save someone their pilloow earned money. AND the pillows weigh less than the box in which they send them. If the 99 cents would ever sell pillows, it would probably be more efficient and effective.

How to benefit from pillow talk

She was happy plilow have the chance to try one out before purchasing one herself. It offers a convenient setting for a couple to discuss relevant plot events or reveal new information to each other. I'm afraid they will get moldy inside so I'm not using them anymore, whatever is inside is very poor quality that does not dry, be careful, don't buy these pillows. View More Reviews Cheap product.

Pillow talk

I am a laundry aficionada. We have two words for you: pillow talk. Ridiculous I purchased this pillow in hopes to find relief. I stopped sleeping on this pillow and bam, eyes are back to normal.

If I have any friends or family that intend to use My Pillow, I will make sure they understand what happened to me! My wife commented that this is just another cheap Walmart pillow.

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Laying on your side your neck isn't straight. This company does not ship as promised when you order their merchandise.

Seeing a chiro 3 times a week helped, but I still wasn't sleeping soundly through the night since. Woke up with neck pain and headache I was hoping for a good nights sleep but woke to neck pain and headache so I had to go back to my old pillow these are a ripoff was not happy and not worth sending them back they go flat after the first night, save your money and go buy a good one, Sorry Mike but they suck!!